Like many Canadian companies, TNI has been navigating the Covid19 pandemic for almost 18 months. While at one point we had to temporarily shut our doors in full, like others we have since moved onto re-opening, re-building, and recovering from this pandemic.

While the world we live in is quite different from what it was in 2020, businesses have to move forward. Fundraising needs to continue so that our clients can continue to serve those in need. Without face-to-face fundraising, many of our clients would be unable to provide those critical services. We're doing what we can to make complex decisions to keep our workforce and communities safe, while also moving our businesses forward. We know that our clients’ needs have never been greater than now.  The value of re-occurring monthly donations cannot be overstated. It allows our clients to budget effectively and plan for long term programs and projects that have the greatest impact.  So the critical work that we do in fundraising for them is even more critical now, and we look forward to meeting their needs once again.

We know that there is some trepidation on all fronts in the public workforce these days, but we believe we have developed a strong action plan to mitigate this. One that involves keeping the safety of our staff and donors at the forefront, and ensuring the brands of our clients are not ill-effected.


As the pandemic has involved, so have public health measures in each individual province. As such, we feel as though it is important to assess each market on a provincial level, while also following Federal guidelines. Each province in Canada is currently responsible for their own guidelines and given that, we feel it necessary to utilize that as the guide to determine how we operate in each province. Here at TNI, we support all public health measures and uphold all public health guidance.

To date in the last 12 months, TNI has received over 800 compliments from members of the general public commending us specifically for our safety protocols while fundraising.

The safety of our staff as well as the public is paramount. To ensure this, the following steps are being taken:

1.    All staff (both fundraisers and Head Office) are still encouraged to maintain a social distance of 6 feet between non-household members.
2.    All staff (both fundraisers and Head Office) are encouraged to wear face masks in public and must follow any indoor mask mandates.
3.    All staff are required to complete a health check each day and ensure they are in good health prior to reporting to work. Given fundraisers are dealing with the public daily, they are required to have their temperature taken prior to commencing work.
4.    Our sign up process continues to be completely touchless.
5.    All staff are trained on safe interaction with teammates, safe interaction with the public, and required personal hygiene protocols.
6.    Any staff meetings adhere to group size caps and social distancing requirements and when possible, teams meet outdoors and, of course, always observe group gathering restrictions.
7.    All Fundraisers are provided the materials they need to conduct their work safely. These items may include some, or all, of the following but are not limited to this list:
 i.    Face masks
ii.    Face shields
iii.    Hand sanitizer
iv.    Alcohol wipes
v.    Tissues/Kleenex


We appreciate your collaboration during these very trying times, and at TNI we truly appreciate the partnership we have with all of our clients. We are here to support them in any way we can. We value all of our staff and want to ensure everyone remains healthy.

These are the views of TNI, and we do not endorse individual views that may be in contravention with this. Should a staff member have a different view, those views would be individual and regardless of views, during work, all employees of TNI are expected to follow both public health guidelines, and TNI protocol as set out above.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the COVID-19 policies TNI has in place, please contact us at info@TNInetwork.com.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan is a living document and is available on our internal Help Site as well available upon request to HR@TNInetwork.com. Let’s work together to protect and care for one another.